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An esoteric system is a way of guiding man to a right relationship to himself, others, and the Infinite Universe, of which he is a part. After we've accurately located ourselves in the big scheme of things we are ready to move forward to what we came here to do. You were created to develop beyond what life offers you.

Morning Talks

These recordings are in depth studies of esoteric literature that we examine in our Saturday morning gatherings. Some of the books we explore are better known while others are obscure. All are rich with meaning giving us an opportunity to challenge ourselves to think in a new way. The force of understanding is created through flexibility.

Phat Talks

The Phat Talks are about learning to apply the universal truth of esotericism to ourselves, where we find ourselves in the Universe. Applied anything is more difficult than theoretical anything. Our quick fix, instant access society doesn't well support these efforts. All the more reason for this spaced repetition of Universal Principles.

Evening Talks

These Podcasts examine classic esoteric works from a fresh perspective. New impressions can lead us to metanoia, a measured change in thinking. Real change of mind inevitably leads to an expansion of consciousness. It is only increased consciousness that can carry us to new levels of Being.

Lite Talks

Some questions listeners and students ask are made into Lite Podcasts. These are pithy Talks addressing the nuts and bolts reality of applying these ideas. Esoteric principles are easy to study and discuss, but it's their application that attracts transforming influences from outside our system.

About Esoteric Talks

"I hope that habitual gossips, boasters, flatterers, fault-finders, busybodies, whisperers, liars, and character assassinators never see this site. I never meant to write or say anything for them. I don't want them meddling in these matters, nor do I want the merely curious, educated or uneducated, prying into this subject. Even if they're good people with active lives, it will mean nothing to them, unless they're also inwardly stirred by God's mysterious Spirit, allowing them to participate in contemplation at the highest level from time to time. Then, through God's grace, even if they can't do this work unceasingly, as true contemplatives can, they'll find that this site will go a long way in strengthening and comforting them in all they do." --Anonymous (Adapted from, The Cloud of Unknowing)