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32 – The Mark

Esoteric teachings tell us there is a side of ourselves that we have lost. The essential part of us that has been forgotten but can be remembered. This is the aim of development.

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09 – Seven Mansions

A look behind the veil of flesh with which we navigate the world in which we find ourselves. Definition of terms help us to get our spiritual bearings in a simple world made complex by our misunderstanding.

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278 – Mechanicalness

According to esoteric teachings there is no difference between the mechancially good man and the mechanically bad man. The mechanically good man will have a more difficult path to development.

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236 – God’s Will

Trying to figure out God’s will sure can be a pain. Here’s a way to hold it differently. See if it works for you. It could bring you a step closer to peace of mind.

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226 – Your Path

Is there a path that leads us to our higher purpose and how may be find it? Fortunately for us those who went before left maps, instructions and tools to help us find our way and travel the path of transformation to Real I.

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215 – The Mind

A mind is a terrible thing to waste. It’s also a terrible thing to have ruling over you. It’s a great servant but a terrible tyrant when allowed to run free.

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About Esoteric Talks

"No good deed goes unpunished."

The person most frequently credited as the originator of the phrase is playwright Clare Boothe Luce. Also credited have been playwright Noel Coward, writer Oscar Wilde, journalist Walter Winchell and the late Washington Post writer Bill Gold. The original idea is probably an ancient proverb.

Appearing cynical on the surface, a closer examination of human nature reveals the False Personality to be incredibly vengeful and petty due to its hubris.

Plato has Socrates say, "An unexamined life is not worth living." The reason no good deed goes unpunished is because most people are living lives not worth living. If you feel a sting, that probably means you are spending more time and energy examining the lives of others than you are examining your own.