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04 – The Mark

Dr. Nicoll presents the idea of meaning in an exciting way. He presents meaninglessness as a terrible illness. Ultimately your meaning is your god.

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45 – The House on the Rock

In this section we cover God, the Devil, ways to perfection, destiny, life and killing pests. All this was written in 1975. So much of what we take for granted today was not know then. Much of what was written was prophetic.

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39 – The House on the Rock

An interesting look at the genesis of life as we know it and as we don’t know it. This may be challenging to your preconceived notions and what you learned in Sunday school but it’s rich with new meaning if you can open yourself to it.

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37 – The House on the Rock

We address the difficult idea of God in an attempt to glean new meaning from a more spiritual perspective. A cosmology is presented that may challenge our exoteric views of the Creator and the Universe. Suffering and God’s mercy is also discussed.

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059 – God’s Purpose

Here’s a can of worms question and answer. Does God have a purpose for our lives and if he does, what is it?

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011 – What About God?

Answering questions, Why don’t you talk about God in your talks?

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About Esoteric Talks

"No good deed goes unpunished."

The person most frequently credited as the originator of the phrase is playwright Clare Boothe Luce. Also credited have been playwright Noel Coward, writer Oscar Wilde, journalist Walter Winchell and the late Washington Post writer Bill Gold. The original idea is probably an ancient proverb.

Appearing cynical on the surface, a closer examination of human nature reveals the False Personality to be incredibly vengeful and petty due to its hubris.

Plato has Socrates say, "An unexamined life is not worth living." The reason no good deed goes unpunished is because most people are living lives not worth living. If you feel a sting, that probably means you are spending more time and energy examining the lives of others than you are examining your own.