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10 – The Mark

The story of Lot, his wife, and the destruction of Sodom has been taken literally to our own harm. The esoteric meaning points to our spiritual development and must fall on the right place inside us to be properly understood.

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30 – Seven Mansions

The fifth veil is introduced and discussed along with the ramifications of its removal and the effects its removal may have on a person. Again, this isn’t to be taken literally. This is esoteric truth and must be applied internally to the individual.

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09 – The Mark

The esoteric meaning of the renaming of Abram and Sarai. This leads into the story of Lot, his wife, and the destruction of the internal state, Sodom, in which Lot has chosen to reside.

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29 – Seven Mansions

We discuss the third and fourth veils, what they represent, what it costs us to remove them and what possible effects their removal might have on us. This isn’t to be taken literally, but rather figuratively. This is an inside job.

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08 – The Mark

The esoteric meaning of the story of Lot’s wife, salt and the required transitions from old states of consciousness to new states waiting above us. If it was easy everyone would be doing it!

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28 – Seven Mansions

As there are seven veils that must be removed before we can realize union we need to get busy. In this recording we address the difficulties involved with the first two veils.

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About Esoteric Talks

"No good deed goes unpunished."

The person most frequently credited as the originator of the phrase is playwright Clare Boothe Luce. Also credited have been playwright Noel Coward, writer Oscar Wilde, journalist Walter Winchell and the late Washington Post writer Bill Gold. The original idea is probably an ancient proverb.

Appearing cynical on the surface, a closer examination of human nature reveals the False Personality to be incredibly vengeful and petty due to its hubris.

Plato has Socrates say, "An unexamined life is not worth living." The reason no good deed goes unpunished is because most people are living lives not worth living. If you feel a sting, that probably means you are spending more time and energy examining the lives of others than you are examining your own.