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13 Ocean of Love

The Ocean of Love lays out the plan to liberate the souls from the bondage and torment of Kal. Of course, Kal will not take this lying down, and his deceptions are explained with which he counters the will of the Absolute. Recognize the traps and avoid them.

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12 – Ocean of Love

An explanation of the suffering of the world, how and why it repeats throughout the ages. The poem also explains the way a soul can be guided across the ocean of the world to the ocean of love by One Who knows the way.

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11 – Ocean of Love

The poem explains how the different types of people who walk the earth came to be as they are. Some are born wise and gentle while others are born violent and beastly.

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10 – Ocean of Love

The poem addresses a modern misconception about the creation and ownership of the world in which we live. Cause and Effect is explained as the active law binding us to the Wheel of Eighty-Four.

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09 – Ocean of Love

The poem continues with the story of creation. We continue to peel away the veils that hinder our understanding of its esoteric meaning. Sex, lies and no video tapes are introduced. Given the course society has run it will take a little longer for video tapes, the internet and rampant porn sites.

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08 – Ocean of Love

A startling look at the creation of our seen world and the two unseen worlds above our physical plane. The trap into which the soul falls and is kept, bound by the laws of virtues and sins.

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About Esoteric Talks

"No good deed goes unpunished."

The person most frequently credited as the originator of the phrase is playwright Clare Boothe Luce. Also credited have been playwright Noel Coward, writer Oscar Wilde, journalist Walter Winchell and the late Washington Post writer Bill Gold. The original idea is probably an ancient proverb.

Appearing cynical on the surface, a closer examination of human nature reveals the False Personality to be incredibly vengeful and petty due to its hubris.

Plato has Socrates say, "An unexamined life is not worth living." The reason no good deed goes unpunished is because most people are living lives not worth living. If you feel a sting, that probably means you are spending more time and energy examining the lives of others than you are examining your own.