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13 – Living Time

Dr. Nicoll continues to painstakingly build on the foundation of ancient wisdom to bring us closer to an understanding of the universe and our place in it. His aim is not difficult to guess. He wants individuals to awaken to and manifest their innate potential.

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22 – Seven Mansions

A tour of how the teachings of Jesus were changed and distorted over the centuries, by whom and why. We know that we have only fragments of his esoteric teachings. This section explains why.

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256 – The G Word

With man’s overall failure to properly understand and apply the esoteric ideas embedded in religion another system is introduced to mankind in an attempt to convey new meaning.

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199 – Resurrection

Perhaps a different look at the idea of resurrection and what it might mean esoterically. What do you think?

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164 – Householder

The Fourth Way teaches you must be a Good Householder to enter this path. If I don’t have a home or a job how can I be a Good Householder able to do this Work

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About Esoteric Talks

"No good deed goes unpunished."

The person most frequently credited as the originator of the phrase is playwright Clare Boothe Luce. Also credited have been playwright Noel Coward, writer Oscar Wilde, journalist Walter Winchell and the late Washington Post writer Bill Gold. The original idea is probably an ancient proverb.

Appearing cynical on the surface, a closer examination of human nature reveals the False Personality to be incredibly vengeful and petty due to its hubris.

Plato has Socrates say, "An unexamined life is not worth living." The reason no good deed goes unpunished is because most people are living lives not worth living. If you feel a sting, that probably means you are spending more time and energy examining the lives of others than you are examining your own.